Haseeb Qureshi

Audiobook Preview, and More

I’ve finally finished the audiobook! Sweet potatoes. After many days of grinding through waning throats and barking dogs, I’ve finally managed to put the whole thing together and submitted it to ACX for processing. If all goes well, it should go up by the beginning of March on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

It’s completely awesome, and I’m really proud of it, so hopefully you guys pick it up once it goes live. Just to celebrate finally finishing all of the recording, editing, and mastering, I’ve created a little preview for you guys of the actual audiobook. Check it out!

It turned out really well, so look forward to when it comes out! The audio quality turned out fantastic. I learned a lot about audio production, editing, mastering, and how to narrate by doing this book.

It’s kinda crazy now that I think about it. I’ve pretty much done 100% of all of the creation of this book on my own—from writing the book, to designing the cover, formatting and typesetting, converting it into an e-book (which required some self-taught HTML and ePub standards), designing and publishing a print version, and now with creating the audiobook, setting up a homebrewed studio, recording, editing, mastering, and preparing for distribution all completely on my own. With some advice and support from friends, of course. But I did all of it with my own two hands.

Looking back and all that, I have to say. I’m kinda proud of myself. That’s pretty fucking cool.

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I made a free guided meditation MP3 for some of my clients I work with, and I’ve decided to give it away for free, along with a free full chapter from my audiobook.

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