Haseeb Qureshi

Farewell, App Academy. Hello, Airbnb. (Part II)


(Note: this is the second part of this story. You can read the first part here.)

Despite the rejection from 23AndMe, I kept pushing.

I applied to the all the big hiring websites. Hired rejected me from their platform. I got no bites anywhere on AngelList or LinkedIn—not even cold e-mails from recruiters. Nothing from WhiteTruffle or SmartHires.

Not a breath of interest anywhere.


Farewell, App Academy. Hello, Airbnb. (Part I)


A couple weeks ago I had my last day as Director of Product at App Academy. This coming Monday, I will be starting work as a software engineer at Airbnb.

Here’s the story of why I left App Academy, the tribulations of my ensuing job search, and why I decided to join Airbnb.


My First Year Earning-to-Give: a Retrospective


2015 has come to a close and I’ve just finished my first year’s donations. In all I gave 33% of my pre-tax income, which since I started my job in June, amounts to $21,200 USD I donated to high-impact charities.


Cracking the Coding Bootcamp – The Definitive Guide


Six months ago I decided I wanted to become a software developer. I had almost no coding background whatsoever, but screw it, I decided to take the leap. I applied to all of the coding bootcamps in San Francisco, and went into a cave to teach myself nothing but code. I ended up getting into my top choice, App Academy. I was crushing the program as the top student in my cohort. Two months into the three-month program, the founders asked me to come on board and help teach the course. I’m now working as one of App Academy’s main instructors.

Students often want to know what led to my success. They also ask me what I might do differently if I were to do it over again. It’s funny, because when I was going through this process, it seemed like all of the info out there on coding bootcamps was sparse and contradictory. So I decided to write the guide that I wish I had when going through this process. Consider this guide a synthesis of my own experiences and those of many other successful students.


Why I Became an Effective Altruist


EA Global, the largest ever public gathering of EAs, has left me reflecting on what it means to be an effective altruist.

A few weeks ago, 400+ attendees and prominent EA activists, including Will MacAskill and Nick Bostrom (and Elon Musk!), converged on a Google Campus in Mountain View to discuss the state and direction of the EA movement. I ended up donning a volunteer shirt and helping out—time-keeping for talks, directing and crowd-control, moving heavy objects (a weakness of many Effective Altruists), and scrambling to save the conference from various minor emergencies.