Haseeb Qureshi

Coding Adventures at App Academy (Haseeb Writes Code)


It’s been two weeks now since I began the coding bootcamp at App Academy. The material has been blasted at us at a breakneck pace, and I’ve been learning a ton. Among the things I’ve learned: what “90 hours a week” feels like. The past 5 days, I’ve been at App Academy from 10AM till midnight, every single day.

It’s strange; it feels like just a few days ago that I first posted that I was going to move out here. But we’re already beginning week 3 of the academy. It’s all a flurry of building programs and trying not to under-sleep. That said, I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities as a coder. I’m starting to suspect I really have some potential for this.


Why I’m Becoming a Web Developer


A new stage in my life began four days ago. I got out of a taxi on 7th and Market Street, with all of my belongings stuffed into a backpack and one suitcase. To my left, homeless men were peddling their wares and accosting passersby, and on my right, I could see the dizzying buildings packed with San Francisco’s most promising startups.

I’ve never lived in a city like this before. Not like San Francisco. I’m frantically trying to figure out this city and the tech industry. To put it simply, I’m lost and excited.


Why I’ve Decided to Devote my Career to Earning-to-Give


It’s been almost four years now since I retired from professional poker. I haven’t played a single hand of poker since then. I’ve written a lot about poker, I’ve coached a lot of poker players, but the game itself is long behind me.

So what comes next?


Your Brain on Multitabling


“I sometime think my brain is completely ****ed up. I can’t focus on one thing at [a] time.”


“I haven’t read a book in years, I can only read articles. […] I’m distracted basically instantly and have no short term memory.”


“I was told [by my doctor] that if I choose to play online poker as a full time career, I will likely die of a stroke before the age of 50.”

Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt

Public Coaching: Followups


So it’s time for the three-week followups. If you’re just joining us in our program, I’ll get you caught up. A few weeks ago I did a drawing for free public coaching sessions, and posted them publicly. Now, three weeks later, I’m following up with them to see if their poker games have improved, and what we can do to sustain positive changes going forward.

Well, I recently finished the last followups, and to say the least, I was completely blown away. If you were wondering how Scott, Yaro, and João did after their coaching sessions, you might be surprised to see how drastic the changes were!

Scott C was $2/$5 grinder who was struggling with motivation to play, tilt, and confidence problems. In the 3-week followup, he claims some pretty amazing life changes–you have to listen to believe it. Direct link is here.

Listen Music – Download Audio – Scott C Followup

Yaroslav was a $200NL-$1kNL HU grinder who was struggling with rampant emotional problems. He had angry outbursts, tilted easily, and was unable to forgive his own mistakes. In this followup, he admits that he used to believe that all of these were simply part of his personality, but now he’s realized otherwise–in fact, he claims he feels like he’s already felt huge changes. Direct link is here.

Share Music – Listen Audio – Yaroslav Followup

João was a mid-stakes MTT grinder who was trying to transition into live tournaments. He was struggling with the transition to playing live tournaments, specifically with boredom, anxiety, and positivity at the tables. In the intervening three weeks, he observed dramatic changes in his mental game–along with dramatic tournament results. Direct link to the audio is here.

Play Music – Audio Hosting – João Followup

All in all, I’m really happy with how all of these guys ended up, and I wish them nothing but the best in the future. I was lucky to have chosen three people who were as dedicated and steadfast as these three–they all have strong potential as poker players. Who knows, you might be hearing a lot more of their names in the near future. :)