Haseeb Qureshi

Why I Became an Effective Altruist

EA Global, the largest ever public gathering of EAs, has left me reflecting on what it means to be an effective altruist.

A few weeks ago, 400+ attendees and prominent EA activists, including Will MacAskill and Nick Bostrom (and Elon Musk!), converged on a Google Campus in Mountain View to discuss the state and direction of the EA movement. I ended up donning a volunteer shirt and helping out—time-keeping for talks, directing and crowd-control, moving heavy objects (a weakness of many Effective Altruists), and scrambling to save the conference from various minor emergencies.


My first job-job: Instructor at App Academy

It’s officially official.

At week 8 into my 12 week coding bootcamp, I was whisked into a room with Ned Ruggeri, the co-founder of App Academy. He sat me down and told me that I was the top student in my cohort (40~ students), and asked that I come on as an instructor and help teach the bootcamp. With the position comes a competitive package, the opportunity to teach others what I’ve learned, strengthen my skills as a coder, and the potential to develop future App Academy computer science curriculum.


Coding Adventures at App Academy (Haseeb Writes Code)

It’s been two weeks now since I began the coding bootcamp at App Academy. The material has been blasted at us at a breakneck pace, and I’ve been learning a ton. Among the things I’ve learned: what “90 hours a week” feels like. The past 5 days, I’ve been at App Academy from 10AM till midnight, every single day.

It’s strange; it feels like just a few days ago that I first posted that I was going to move out here. But we’re already beginning week 3 of the academy. It’s all a flurry of building programs and trying not to under-sleep. That said, I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities as a coder. I’m starting to suspect I really have some potential for this.


Why I’m Becoming a Web Developer

A new stage in my life began four days ago. I got out of a taxi on 7th and Market Street, with all of my belongings stuffed into a backpack and one suitcase. To my left, homeless men were peddling their wares and accosting passersby, and on my right, I could see the dizzying buildings packed with San Francisco’s most promising startups.

I’ve never lived in a city like this before. Not like San Francisco. I’m frantically trying to figure out this city and the tech industry. To put it simply, I’m lost and excited.


Why I’ve Decided to Devote my Career to Earning-to-Give

It’s been almost four years now since I retired from professional poker. I haven’t played a single hand of poker since then. I’ve written a lot about poker, I’ve coached a lot of poker players, but the game itself is long behind me.

So what comes next?