Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia


Yesterday morning I just left Ljubljana, where I was living for over a week. It has probably been my favorite city thus far. The people there are so friendly, the food is so great, the pace of life is just so relaxed and wonderful… There’s so much I could say about this place. But for […]Read more »

Padua, Vicenze, and Alex


I’ve been procrastinating on writing this entry. At one point I started writing, but I found myself avoiding the very topic that I intended to write about. Actually, I could write a lot about the experiences I’ve had in Padua and Vicenze – about almost getting mugged when I came into Padua, about meeting a […]Read more »

Venice, Italy


I have just left Venice. It is without a doubt, the most beautiful city I’ve been to. It is also my least favorite city I’ve been to. Venice exhausts me. I originally planned to stay longer, but I couldn’t stand it. In the day, Venice is overcrowded with tourists. At any given time, more than […]Read more »

Croatia – ja ne pričam hrvatski


Hey guys, There’s so much I could write, but I’m not ready to write it yet. I have spent quite some time now in Croatia. It’s a fucking beautiful country. This entry will purely be photographs of the beautiful Croatia. Along with a badass song for accompaniment.Read more »

Prague, Czech Republic


Hey all, I am now in the Czech Republic and have met up with some of my friends. It’s been fun hanging out with them again, but the first few days in the Czech Republic by myself were pretty interesting. While I was in Cologne, I spent my nights in cheap hotels. I wandered around […]Read more »

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