Seven Things Poker Taught Me

I don’t tell people these days that I used to be a professional poker player. It seems like a weighty and cumbersome admission, one that always leads to the same tired conversation. The last time I played a hand of poker was well over a year ago. That life feels like an episode long behind […]Read more »

The Philosophy of Poker, Chapter 6: Emotion, Creativity, and Fear

Greetings citizens of the world, It’s become something of a routine that whenever I post a new blog post, I apologize for not rolling them out often enough. This time, I’ll save you the jig. You’ll notice I have a new site! Basically, the formatting on Blogspot really sucks and the interface is pretty clunky, […]Read more »

The Philosophy of Poker, Chapter 5: Cognition & Self-Awareness

Hey all, Looks like I was late on my update again, haha. Sorry. A week per chapter, it turns out, is pretty brutal when you’re taking full time classes five days a week with lots of reading and essays to do. This chapter also required research in order to write and structure it effectively, but […]Read more »

The Philosophy of Poker, Chapter 4: Opponent Modeling and the Adjustment Game

Hey guys, Sorry for missing my update last week. Finals caught me off guard, and it’s been tough to keep up writing consistently. I’m taking a full summer term as you guys know, so there’s a lot of schoolwork to keep up with—5 days a week, with lots of homework. Once this semester is over, […]Read more »

The Philosophy of Poker, Chapter 3: Psychology and the Art of Randomness

Hey all, Summer classes are in full swing, and I’ve been super busy. Right now I’m taking a class on Virginia Woolf, which I needed for graduation. I don’t know how many of you have actually read her novels… but holy shit, are they tedious. Her short stories and essays I can appreciate more, but […]Read more »

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