The Philosophy of Poker, Chapter 2: Holistic Poker Theory

Hey guys, My summer classes have just begun. I’m taking a full load in the summer since my goal is to graduate by the end of the year, so my schedule has been really intense. Basically, I’m waking up at 7am every morning, writing in the library in the morning for a few hours on […]Read more »

The Philosophy of Poker, Introduction & Chapter 1

Hey all, Some of you will remember that a while back I wrote a blog post detailing an e-book that I wanted to write. It was originally titled “To the Young Professional Poker Player,” and I meant for it to be the embodiment of the most valuable ideas that I never had a chance to […]Read more »

Three Lessons on Being Present

It is now my last night here. I have been volunteering on this farm in the south of France for a little over two weeks, but tonight I had to say goodbye to a landscape that is now so familiar to me. Since I got here, once every night I take a long walk along […]Read more »

To the Young Professional Poker Player

Hey guys, As I’m writing this I’ve just arrived in Budapest, Hungary. It’s a beautiful city, and over the next few days I’m going to be exploring it as much as I can. But the subject of this blog post is not going to be on my travels. Over the last couple of weeks I […]Read more »

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