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Croatia – ja ne pričam hrvatski


Hey guys,
There’s so much I could write, but I’m not ready to write it yet. I have spent quite some time now in Croatia. It’s a fucking beautiful country. This entry will purely be photographs of the beautiful Croatia. Along with a badass song for accompaniment.

The harbor in Split

Down a dark alleyway near the center of Split

An open-air salsa dance in the center of Split

The beach in Split

Train tracks leading towards the center of Split

Sunset in Split

The entrance to a house in Rijeka

Sunset along the Adriatic coast

A river in Krka national park

An interesting moment, caught on a monument outside Zagreb Cathedral

Inside Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb “Uptown”

Link to the album

Tomorrow I plan to head back down to the coast and then take a ferry to Italy, and then travel up through the Italian countryside. I will write more soon, but I wanted to share these photos because there’s so much amazing stuff I’ve seen in this country. It’s definitely been one of my favorites. More soon.

Back on the road,

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  1. Fascinating postings. I hope your trip is going well. If you ever swing by Paris again, let me know and well get a drink or something. I’m attending school here now and plan to be here for the next year or two.


  2. Oh yea, also if you go to Venice, you should try to visit Poveglia Island. It used to be a Lazarus house during the plague, it would be a interesting place to visit if you have a disposition towards the morbid

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