Haseeb Qureshi

Croatia – ja ne pričam hrvatski

Hey guys,
There’s so much I could write, but I’m not ready to write it yet. I have spent quite some time now in Croatia. It’s a fucking beautiful country. This entry will purely be photographs of the beautiful Croatia. Along with a badass song for accompaniment.

The harbor in Split

Down a dark alleyway near the center of Split

An open-air salsa dance in the center of Split

The beach in Split

Train tracks leading towards the center of Split

Sunset in Split

The entrance to a house in Rijeka

Sunset along the Adriatic coast

A river in Krka national park

An interesting moment, caught on a monument outside Zagreb Cathedral

Inside Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb “Uptown”

Link to the album

Tomorrow I plan to head back down to the coast and then take a ferry to Italy, and then travel up through the Italian countryside. I will write more soon, but I wanted to share these photos because there’s so much amazing stuff I’ve seen in this country. It’s definitely been one of my favorites. More soon.

Back on the road,

  • you are welcome to visit Serbia. If you come I promiss I’ll pay you a beer :)

  • Fascinating postings. I hope your trip is going well. If you ever swing by Paris again, let me know and well get a drink or something. I’m attending school here now and plan to be here for the next year or two.


  • Oh yea, also if you go to Venice, you should try to visit Poveglia Island. It used to be a Lazarus house during the plague, it would be a interesting place to visit if you have a disposition towards the morbid

  • very good news,your are good boy!