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Public Coaching Session: Yaroslav


Hey guys,

Have had a number of people tell me they got a lot out of hearing the first coaching session I did with Scott C. Well today I finished my first session with the second candidate, a grinder from Belarus named Yaroslav.

Yaroslav is an online HU $200NL-$1000NL grinder who wrote in telling me that he had a lot of anger and tilt issues. He said he was a pretty emotional person in his general life, but wanted to learn how to control those emotions in poker. He’d broken mouses, keyboards, and mugs in outbursts of anger.

This session focuses on anger, hot tilt, relaxation exercises, making mistakes, and how to optimize learning. Give it a listen. (External link here.)

Music Hosting – Listen Audio Files – Yaroslov Initial Session

Note: there is a bit of noise in the beginning sometimes when Yaro speaks, but it goes away pretty soon.

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Mind coaching is about all of the stuff that's most difficult about poker. It’s about how to pull out of your downswings, how to be indifferent to losses, how to bluff and valuebet more fearlessly, and how to maintain your motivation when things are tough. It's about everything that's not taught in poker books.

The goal of mind coaching is to help you master your mind, control your emotions, and command the lifestyle you want to live [...]

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