Haseeb Qureshi

This is a beginning

This is a post.

I will write more when more stuff happens. I don’t know my plans yet or where I am going to go, but for those of you who wish to contact or meet me, I am reachable at haseebonroad at gmail dot com. Once I decide what exactly my plans are, I will write more. Right now the first thing I could use is tips on backpacking. I am reading what I can find and getting in touch with friends who have some experience doing it, but I would love to hear the advice of others. I hope to embark on the road before next week. I plan to carry nothing more than a backpack with me, and I don’t intend to fly anywhere. I am leaving most of what I brought with a friend in Nottingham, since I won’t need most of it.

As of now, the only plan is to make it to the Czech republic by September to meet up with a friend who will be there. So, I will probably trek south, take the ferry to France, and then start going east.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week, so that’s probably the first step.

Here goes.

  • Good luck, poker isn’t the world…

  • Hey dude, grats on leaving the poker world and all u achieved in it. itll be good to move on. If you want any advice on travel, real travel (ie backpacking) don’t hesitate to ask.


  • haseeb,
    innocent until proven guilty. as said, there’s a world out there. money is a means to an end and you have ACTUALLY achieved that end, to use money to enrich your life. Good luck!

  • AN

    I wish you all the best. Things happen, in retrospect it seems clear and obvious, but in the moment you’d never believe it.

    fwiw, I recommend going to Cinque Terre in Italy, you should find inspiration there.

    Sacre Coure in Paris, it’s absolutely amazing.

    The Top of Gaudi Park in Barcelona. Outstanding view.

    I’m moving to Malta in September, if you’re in the area, feel free to pop by any time. I’ve traveled most of Europe/South America/The Caribbean. I think I can give some decent advice for travel destinations.
    there are many more but those are all near to you.

  • lifenomadic.com is a good resource, as well as most of the posts by tynan at tynan.com.

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  • Hey hasseb no worries mate we totally trust you and a person of your magnitude is tend to have some remarks i suggest you not to leave poker because we need players like you….so please dont quit

  • GL

    Hey Haseeb,

    GL on your road. Feel free to contact me when you’ll be in Poland. Maybe I will manage to help you out with some travel destinations. GL GL take care

  • Haseeb, we had lunch at Fogo in Austin, and I loaned you some headphones ;p. As I told you then I spent 3 years traveling/living in europe, if you need any reccomendations, let me know

  • Smart move! Take some time man, regain your balance. Remember that there are a lot of people out there that believe you and know you are a person of integrity.

    I’ll be following your blog! Enjoy your travels!

    All the best!

  • Kim

    Give me a holla if u come to Denmark (Copenhagen) and check out couchsurfing.org (best site for travelers)
    Have a nice 1.
    Kim (knm@email.dk)

  • Ted

    Remember at the end of the day you have to do what is best for you. Enjoy your travels and if you are ever in Toronto Canada drinks on me….

  • Hey Haseeb, I just finished reading through your post/apology on cardrunners and followed that with reading your blog, which I will continue to follow. I appreciate the openness you show in your statement, it is a far cry from the ‘apology’ girah posted on 2+2, which was all cliches and nothing of substance.

    I wish you well and hope you find what you are seeking. If you decide to swing through Prague and want someone to hang out with, show you around or talk (i’ve been traveling and seeking much of my life), feel free to contact me. Sushifreak@hotmail.com

    Best, gordon

  • …and by the way, here’s a collection of articles/blogs by ‘cognitive dissonance’ on zero hedge. I think with what you’re going through now you might find these interesting.

    best, gordon

  • DB

    Man, feel free to stop by if u ever intend to visit Lisbon/Portugal. If u decide to come and need a place to crash + someone to show u around, juest let me know at genpokerac@gmail.com

    Take care.

    Daniel, 28, Lisbon, full-time SSNL

  • Hey man. Ive always believed in you and that you have no part in any major scheme with that piece of shit. Enough of that. I read you might wanted to travel europe. a good place to start is Denmark :D:D Ill be happy to show you around in my city. Let me know if this has any interest. :)

  • dd.daugaard@gmail.com :) related to my above message

  • gl dog is head, remember when a window closes a door opens up somewhere , look forward to your new blog

  • Number one tip for backpacking: bring face wipes. They are so good when you are tired and dirty from long journeys.
    – Get an interrail ticket for cheap train rides. Pay the extra couple of euro where possible to get a bed on the train if it is a long journey, esp if in Eastern Europe where the trains are not so comfortable.
    – Bring a travel towel, they fold up small and dry quicker.
    – Where possible, chat to locals and ask them the best places for food, as they know the places that aren’t tourist traps.
    – When in a city, walk. Walking around a city is the best way to get to know it.
    – Lock away your passport in hotel safes, it is the most annoying thing to have to replace.
    – Have two credit cards/bank cards and keep one locked up with the passport.
    – Scan high quality photocopies of passport, credit card, insurance and any other important docs and keep them online. If you are robbed or lose anything it makes things much easier.
    – As said already, couchsurfing.com is great. Even if you are not staying with someone on it, you can meet them and they will show you around.
    – When you fill your backpack, walk around in it for half an hour, then decide if it is too full. Also remember you will be picking up things as you go along so you might need to leave a little room.
    – Bring a sturdy pair of sandals.
    – If you go to Dublin, post it up here and I’ll show you a good spot for a decent Guinnes

    If you come to denmark/copenhagen lets get a bear then

  • gl man!

    If you are ever in Berlin just lmk.

  • Don’t be afraid to use air as a means of transportation. For one thing flights are way cheaper in europe a lot of times than rail travel, and it often will save you a lot of time. Traveling on trains/buses is cool too, but don’t be afraid to fly just because you want the “backpacking experience,” it doesn’t make you any less of a backpacker if you cut out a 16 hour train ride to do a 3 hour flight.

    I’m not sure what you’re interested in, but don’t be drawn into the tourist traps in a lot of these cities. Go to the famous museums and such, but museum visiting will seriously get old after a few months. Enjoying the food of the area/finding some cool outdoor activities to do/conversing with other travelers/talking to anyone you come across I find to be a much better experience when traveling.

  • Your poker content (videos, blogs, and seminar) have helped me with my game probably more than anything else, and I’m sure many others can say the same. So please don’t feel like all you’ve done is fuck the poker community over because of your mistakes, because that certainly isn’t the case–you’ve helped a ton of people in bettering their lives through poker. So thank you Haseeb, and good luck with your new endeavors.

  • GL.. Everyone makes mistakes. Just learn from them and move on, don’t be too hard on yourself.

  • In the words of Mr. Tony G

    “It’s just a game”

    Good luck on your journey from here on out. I’m a younger player who’s also trying to make sense of this crazy game. I’m a college student from Austin who’s had a crazy swingy summer playing 1-2 nl live. I intend to keep up with your blog, hoping life after poker deals you a winning hand.

    Best regards,
    Mitch McIntire

  • Hey Haseeb,
    don’t let the world step on you. After rain there is a rainbow and sunshine. You had a good time with poker and have learned a lot. You are young. Make the best of it. Travelling will surely let you grow even more now! When you are in Munich on a weekend we can meet up and I can show you around, or give you some tips :-) Always wanted to meet you!

  • Haseeb,

    Two very well written blog posts you have written there and sounds like you’ve had an awful few weeks… Just think of all the positives poker has brought to your life and this is a good excuse to take some time off and see the world!

    I’ve lived in London my whole life, working full time, but still play high stakes live/online and if you need to know anything in London give me a holla on the blog.


  • “Where there is sorrow there is holy ground. Some day people will realise what that means. They will know nothing of life till they do – and natures like his can realise this” (Oscar Wilde – De Profundis)

    I sincerely hope that somehow this view will help you when help is needed the most. Nourish the thought within yourself and be truly convinced that this IS a beginning; a vita nuova; a new life!

    “In all that I have said I am simply concerned with my own mental attitude towards life as a whole; and I feel that not to be ashamed of having been punished is one of the first points I must attain to, for the sake of my own perfection, and because I am so imperfect”. I hope this is the sentiment that was flowing through your final cr blog entry.

    Finally Haseeb, learn to be happy. I’m not saying “hey, why don’t u just hit the damn happiness button?” I’m saying “guess what? happiness CAN be learnt …”

    Anyways man, I’m a Londonder and would like to meet and chat with you. Let me know. Take care.

  • You should have told everyone to go fuck themselves. “Cause I’m Haseeb bitches.” That’s what I would have done.


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  • A good book to read during your new endeavor, while further contextualizing your life predicament, is ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. Good luck, and there is no question that I´ll continue to follow your ‘journey’. Best, Joon

  • bru – i got 3 things for you.

    1)exofficio underwearz. they are worth their weight in gold when traveling – trust me. i on the tail end of an 80 day trip and i brought all of 3 pairs. quick dry and super comfortable.

    2) crotia – go there.

    3) pack LIGHTTT!!!

    good luck with your journey!