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Public Coaching: Followups


So it’s time for the three-week followups. If you’re just joining us in our program, I’ll get you caught up. A few weeks ago I did a drawing for free public coaching sessions, and posted them publicly. Now, three weeks later, I’m following up with them to see if their poker games have improved, and what we can do to sustain positive changes going forward.

Well, I recently finished the last followups, and to say the least, I was completely blown away. If you were wondering how Scott, Yaro, and João did after their coaching sessions, you might be surprised to see how drastic the changes were!

Scott C was $2/$5 grinder who was struggling with motivation to play, tilt, and confidence problems. In the 3-week followup, he claims some pretty amazing life changes–you have to listen to believe it. Direct link is here.

Listen Music – Download Audio – Scott C Followup

Yaroslav was a $200NL-$1kNL HU grinder who was struggling with rampant emotional problems. He had angry outbursts, tilted easily, and was unable to forgive his own mistakes. In this followup, he admits that he used to believe that all of these were simply part of his personality, but now he’s realized otherwise–in fact, he claims he feels like he’s already felt huge changes. Direct link is here.

Share Music – Listen Audio – Yaroslav Followup

João was a mid-stakes MTT grinder who was trying to transition into live tournaments. He was struggling with the transition to playing live tournaments, specifically with boredom, anxiety, and positivity at the tables. In the intervening three weeks, he observed dramatic changes in his mental game–along with dramatic tournament results. Direct link to the audio is here.

Play Music – Audio Hosting – João Followup

All in all, I’m really happy with how all of these guys ended up, and I wish them nothing but the best in the future. I was lucky to have chosen three people who were as dedicated and steadfast as these three–they all have strong potential as poker players. Who knows, you might be hearing a lot more of their names in the near future. :)

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Mind coaching is about all of the stuff that's most difficult about poker. It’s about how to pull out of your downswings, how to be indifferent to losses, how to bluff and valuebet more fearlessly, and how to maintain your motivation when things are tough. It's about everything that's not taught in poker books.

The goal of mind coaching is to help you master your mind, control your emotions, and command the lifestyle you want to live [...]

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  1. I just started your audiobook and had to come find your blog when you mentioned it. I’ve recently refocused myself to aggressively pursue a professional poker career, and when I found your book on Audible.com, I was very excited to read it.

  2. Just finished your book. Powerful stuff! I can feel your honesty, your sincerity, your knowledge in this book. The whole book is power packed with insight but the last couple of chapters are nuggets of wisdom that could do nothing but help the majority of people on this planet. Great Job.

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