Public Coaching Session: João

Strap in, because it’s time for coaching session #3.

João is an MTT grinder whose average tourney buyin is around $150. He’s a strong player online, and even took 2nd in several of this year’s SCOOP events, but his primary issues were in live poker–particularly, he wanted to make the transition to playing more live tourneys. His challenges were that he got bored easily, would get anxious when his stack fluctuated, and seem to make significantly worse decisions in live games in live games.

This session deals primarily with boredom, transitioning to live games, and dealing with anxiety. Give it a listen. (External link here.)

Listen Music Files – Upload Audio – Joao Initial Session

May 22 2014
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So it’s time for the three-week followups. If you’re just joining us in our program, I’ll get you caught up. A few weeks ago I did a drawing for free public coaching sessions, and posted them publicly. Now, three weeks later, I’m following up with them to see if their poker games have improved, and what we can do to sustain positive changes going forward. Well, I recently finished the...
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