Let's Build a Blockchain! — A Mini-cryptocurrency in Ruby
RailsConf 2017: Why Software Engineers Disagree About Everything
RubyConf 2016: Lies, Damned Lies, and Substrings
Haseeb Qureshi on overcoming challenges and becoming a top developer
Airbnb Software Engineer Haseeb Qureshi — FreeCodeCamp
Haseeb Qureshi—From a Coding Bootcamp to a $250K Offer
An Introduction to Scalability and Memory
Recursion for the Rest of Us
From Developer On Fire

Developer on Fire—Virtue and Hustle with Haseeb Qureshi

From Breaking Into Startups

Haseeb Qureshi—Professional Poker Player turned Software Engineer

From Software Engineering Daily

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Effective Altruist. Software engineer. @Airbnb alum. Instructor @Outco. Writer. Blockchain Believer. Former poker pro. Donate 33% of my income to charity.

San Francisco
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