My first job-job: Instructor at App Academy

It’s officially official.

At week 8 into my 12 week coding bootcamp, I was whisked into a room with Ned Ruggeri, the co-founder of App Academy. He sat me down and told me that I was the top student in my cohort (40~ students), and asked that I come on as an instructor and help teach the bootcamp. With the position comes a competitive package, the opportunity to teach others what I’ve learned, strengthen my skills as a coder, and the potential to develop future App Academy computer science curriculum.


I accepted the position. I’ll be starting in a week and a half, effectively skipping the last 1/4th of the program to begin teaching. I’m really looking forward to this, since I really enjoy teaching, and I’ve grown increasingly confident in my skills as a coder over the course of this program. If anybody is interested in going down this same route or interested in attending App Academy, I encourage you to contact me! I’d be happy to chat about my experiences. And having gone through (most) of it, I can only endorse App Academy as having a stellar curriculum, and being eminently worth the time and monetary investment.

I negotiated a four-and-a-half month contract, after which I’ll decide whether I want to stay and continue to work with App Academy, or seek other employment in the tech world. It’s going to be an exciting and busy time for me. In a way, it’ll also be my first real-actual-job.

Haha, it’s not really my first job; I’ve been working in one sense or another since I was probably 17 years old. I just kind of like that idea.

This also means that I’ll begin earning-to-give and getting more involved in Effective Altruism. It’s funny, hah. That was exactly my plan: through App Academy, I’d be able to earn-to-give almost immediately. I didn’t expect that to happen before the program even ended. Anyway, watch this space! Once I start TAing at App Academy, I’ll be able to update this blog again more regularly.

(And to everyone who’s been supporting me or offering advice, or just watching me as I wind along my journey, I just wanted to give a big thank-you. And I hope you continue to expect big things from me!)

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