This is a beginning

This is a post.

I will write more when more stuff happens. I don’t know my plans yet or where I am going to go, but for those of you who wish to contact or meet me, I am reachable at haseebonroad at gmail dot com. Once I decide what exactly my plans are, I will write more. Right now the first thing I could use is tips on backpacking. I am reading what I can find and getting in touch with friends who have some experience doing it, but I would love to hear the advice of others. I hope to embark on the road before next week. I plan to carry nothing more than a backpack with me, and I don’t intend to fly anywhere. I am leaving most of what I brought with a friend in Nottingham, since I won’t need most of it.

As of now, the only plan is to make it to the Czech republic by September to meet up with a friend who will be there. So, I will probably trek south, take the ferry to France, and then start going east.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week, so that’s probably the first step.


Here goes.

August 10 2011
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I’ve finally gotten a full night’s sleep again. The night after I posted my last blog entry, my mind was restless thinking about all of the hatred that people would have for me.  Jungle went out to meet up with some fellow high stakes players who also wanted to see me and grab dinner together, but I told them that I wasn’t feeling well. I kept waking up in the...
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