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I’ve just now gotten internet access again since when I posted my last blog entry. Cologne is an interesting and beautiful city (although I’ve met a few locals who seem to think it’s a boring place… but I guess that’s true of everywhere to the people who are used to it). I visited the Dom cathedral, the Roman-Rhineland Museum, and walked along the Rhine river for several miles. My feet hurt like hell (I need better shoes, will probably buy some new ones when I get to Prague), but it was an amazing walk. It started raining after a couple hours, and though I instinctively started heading for what looked like shelter, when it slowed to a drizzle I just started wandering around aimlessly in the streets. Reading back over how I spent my day I sound like I’m crazy, but it was good, haha.

While I was wandering around I met a sweet German girl who spoke good English and became fast friends with her. She showed me around the nightlife of Cologne and took me through the vibrant gay district. I did not know this, but apparently Cologne is the gay capital of Germany! Maybe it’s telling me something…

The world is vast and wide. Why do you put on your robes at the sound of a bell?

Zen Master Ummon

Anyway, I took today what I think is the most badass photo I’ve ever taken ever. I’m seriously very proud of this one, although it was just a stroke of luck and it’s cropped from the original photo, but still. After I took the photo she scolded me and said, “hey, this is my job!” so I paid her a euro, but it was worth it, haha. Some other good photos today.

A street performer outside Dom cathedral on her break. SO AWESOME, FUCK.

Dom cathedral.

Christianity, fk yeah.

Interesting German architecture.

A broken wine glass I found along the banks of the Rhine.

A peculiar sculpture above a kinesthesiologist's office.

Link to the album

I’ve been thinking about a lot of shit lately and I appreciate all of the comments you guys have written. I’m trying to use this blog as a journal of my thoughts however they occur to me, so try not to think about what I’m writing here as completed or fully realized. It’s sort of a sounding board for my consciousness, or something like that. But thanks everyone for the comments they’ve sent me, they’ve been very interesting to read.

Will write more soon,

August 22 2011
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