My last word to the poker world

I just wanted to mention and link this here, because I think it’s responsible to do so. This will be my last time engaging the poker world. From my previous blog:

At this point, all of the truths have come to light. I am only updating this blog so that everything is in one place. For those of you who have not read it, I have come forward on HSNL and told the entire story of the Girah scandal. Since Jungleman confessed to playing on Girah’s account, there is no reason anymore for me to protect him and hold back the truth.

This is my last and final word on the matter. I have answered every question asked of me over two days, and now I will be leaving poker (and this apartment) for good.

Just wanted to mirror that here. In a couple hours I will be done with this and moving on. I have been very unfair to a friend of mine who has promised to help me embark on my travels, and so I need to make things right with her as well and stop procrastinating/jerking her around. So this will be the end of my time in the poker world.

Thank you everyone so much for all of your comments, recommendations, and invitations. I am excited (and terrified) to begin my travels. I feel more free knowing that I’ve dealt with this and gotten this off of my chest. My friend convinced me that I needed to do this before leaving, and I’m glad that she did.

I think now I can begin the my chapter with a fresh page.

(Again, anyone who wishes to contact me can do so at haseebonroad at gmail dot com. I will try to before I leave respond to each and every one of you who has e-mailed me, and to give you my thanks. It has meant a lot.)

Edit: Also, just had to add this for the official record.

In the thread, Inodiare says:

Just wanted to alert you to the fact that you are a ****ing idiot. You did some unscrupulous things a while back and you’ve done several more since Macedo pulled his scam. But it doesn’t seem as though you’ve done anything truly malicious. You haven’t done anything so unforgivable that you should be forever abandoning the only method you have to make a comfortable living.

Travel and calm your nerves. Be careful not to make a judgement which will alter your quality of life next month and for the next several decades in frustration and haste.

I reply:

A lot of people have told me this. And they are probably right, what I am doing is probably not smart in a number of ways.

But **** being smart.

A lot of people have also told me that I’m just blowing hot air. That I’m reacting, that the wounds are fresh, and that poker is in my blood. They’re right about all of that too.

But **** all of that.

I’ll say it right here and now. If I ever return to poker (in the capacity that I am right now, playing online poker and coaching and making videos as a professional poker player), then I will pay you, inodiare, $50,000 USD.

So there. I’ve just ****ed myself. **** you and **** me too.

August 16 2011
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